People who have visited my site might also be interested in the following web-sites:

Sites related to some things that I do:
Fordham Natural Law Colloquium (Director, Michael Baur)
Fordham Philosophy Department (Associate Professor, Michael Baur)
Center for Ethics Education (Associate Director, Michael Baur)
Hegel Society of America (Secretary, Michael Baur)
Society for the Study of Cardinal Newman (Web-master, Michael Baur)

Sites with some useful resources and/or interesting information:
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Mirror of Justice: A Blog on Catholic Legal Theory
Mirror of Race Online Exhibition
Harry Stephen Keeler Society

Sites of some friends of mine:
Gregory Fried (Suffolk University)
James Kreines (Claremont McKenna College)
Richard Polt (Xavier University)

When I have time, I will establish further links that may be of interest.